What Are the Skin Rash Causes?

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Rash is a change in your skin’s color and texture. It’s different from its usual condition. In general, there are many skin rash causes, such as viruses, fungi, parasites, particular medications, allergies, and exposure to heat. Moreover, your age and your lifestyle can be factors that influence whether you will get rash easily or not and what kind of skin rash. Some skin rashes will disappear by themselves. Usually they will take one to three weeks. You can cure them with treatment at home. On the other hand, there are other skin rashes that need your doctors’ attention.

itchy skin rash around neckSkin Rash Causes

Your skin rash doesn’t always appear in the first contact with the irritating substance (allergen). After you’ve had reaction to the substance, a rash will appear as the reaction of the substance, even though it’s only small amounts of the substance. If it’s serious, you should contact your doctors. Skin rashes are grouped based on some categories, such as rashes that are caused by bacteria (intertrigo, scarlet fever on children), rashes that are caused fungus (ringworm, athlete’s foot), rashes that are caused by viruses (chickenpox, measles, roseola, shingles).

Meanwhile, the common skin rashes causes are: Jewelry or certain fabrics, new tools, toys, soaps, detergents, shampoos, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, poison ivy, oak, sumac, latex, food, insect, weather, certain medications, environment, and stress. It’s important for you to recognize the cause of your skin rash. Different cause of skin rashes also create different from of rashes in your skin. As the result, it will be easier to treat it and prevent you from the symptoms to come in the future.

skin rash picture - ring wormRingworm looks like a ring that is developing and growing outward, medicine rash begins with small red splotches that will spread fast and covers large area in your skin, heat rash will be appear to be similar with blisters and it’s filled with fluid, intertrigo looks like a bright red rash in moist areas where your skin usually scrubs each other (in your arms and/or legs), meanwhile swimmer’s itch is usually a mild rash with itchy red bumps and it’s usually caused by parasites because you’ve been swimming in not very clean water.

Treatment for Skin Rash

There are many treatments for skin rash causes. It’s also important if you know the causes of your skin rashes. Some skin rashes, such as intertrigo will disappear by themselves if you keep your hygiene, keep the area dry, and also stop using tight clothes. If your bacterial skin infection is worse than you think, perhaps you need antibiotic cream or other medications by your doctor. Skin rashes that are caused by fungal infection should be treated with antifungal medications. There are antifungal creams that are available. However, if your fungal infection is difficult to disappear, you should ask your doctors to prescribe other antifungal medications.

If your skin rashes are caused by virus, types of virus will determine the treatment that you should take. Usually symptoms of the rashes are cured rather than the virus that causes it. If this happens, you should ask your doctors’ treatment.