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Bed Bug Rash Treatment & Causes

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Bed bug rash is known as itch disease that occurs within human body specifically the skin. This disease is signed with many red rashes that appear over the surface of the skin due to the inflamation. However, for somehow bed bug rashes are considered as usual skin allergic problems. Bed bug rash occurs within all human no matter old, adult, or baby, it causes itchy badly. Indeed, this disease annoys its sufferer really much. Actually, this disease comes from the bites of an insect particularly the bug species. This bug lives within our environment like bedrooms, dorm rooms, apartments and motel rooms. Bed bugs are tiny parasites that can be found mainly in the bedrooms, they are so tiny and difficult to discover and see them in open eyes.

Bed Bug Rash Causes

bed-bug-rash-bitesThese bugs spread into entire of the bed, at first they are colored as colorless insect, but after they have fed their color changes into purplish red color. During the day, these bugs tend to sleep, during the night these bugs wake and start their infestation then they start injecting or biting their poisonous substances like saliva into human’s body. This saliva spreads a virus like bacterial things that can make the human infected. The bites of these bugs are not felt by human distinctly, the human only feel the impact after the bites which are itch and red patches. The causes of the bed bug rash come from multiple symptoms and aspects, they can be occured because of the lack of careness towards the bed hygient, pillow, blanket, and others. Rarely, checking and observing the rooms from time to time with the help from bug hunter. Do not apply a preventive movement.

Treatments for Bed Bug Rash

There are many several ways of bed bug rash treatment in order to prevent and cure the bug rashes, you can use scientific instruments and natural instruments, both of them are kinds of potion that differ only on the contents, it can be contained with natural substances or unnatural substances, mostly designed into a spray bottle. However, an alternative movement is a good way to deliver and try due to the effectiveness, easyness and safe impact. Furthermore, an alternative movement is an easy way to do because you can create it on your own from your daily environment. From those daily instruments, you can create bed bug spray, bed bug herb sachet and others which created with natural substances.

To create a spray that is used to get rid of bed bugs you need to prepare essential oils, an empty bottle, water, drops of lavender, rosemary, and other’s oils, then you combine and mix them up together. You need to shake it well before using it.

The second way is to create bed bug herb sachet, the ingredients of this treatment is the same with spray, but you need to find dried leaves of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender buds. This second alternative treatment operates when you need to go outside like travelling where you hold a suitcase which contains with clothes and others, and you need to protect them from insects so you need to put this treatment sachet inside your suitcase.

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This is some information about how to treat bed bug rash properly.

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