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Causes, Types and Treatments of Skin Rashes

Rash Around Eyes – Causes and Treatment

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There is always a serious problem like rash around eyes. It could be an allergy or even an infection. In fact, there is a possibility such as seasonal allergies. The most common symptom is pain around the eyes that turn reddish and scaly. So, what causes it and how should you take care of it?

Rash around Eyes Causes

What causes rash around eyes? As mentioned, it can be caused by allergies. As a result of fever or allergic rhinitis, a person may experience this problem. There are several other factors that greatly affect the disorder. Normally, people breathe dust, animal dander or pollen of certain plants. As a result, someone can become inflamed. Also, there is another danger when someone is allergic to certain foods. It can also cause similar problems. Meanwhile, rub your eyes will only exacerbate pain. When there are several rash around eyes causes associated with allergies, you actually also have to be careful with the objects around. There are some cases of rash around eyes which are caused by swimming goggles, soaps, creams, cosmetics and toiletries. If you have a habit in the make-up, please take a note and look at the quality and safety of these products.

Treatments for Rash around Eyes

Well, how do you treat it? The most important action is to maintain the sterility of rash around eyes. It will depend on the severity. Actually, there are several creams recommended to cure it. You can use the counter hydrocortisone, or through further instructions from the doctor. Never rub these parts, although they will feel very itchy. However, you should anticipate a new risk of rash on your skin. In the meantime, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you have to let go of them. It is an action to control the spread of infection.

Still, there are still many people who do not really care about the rash around eyes treatments. They often assume that it will be cured for a few days. Indeed, if you can keep clean and protect your eyes, you can expect. However, it is actually a serious problem that can happen to anyone.

Pictures of Skin Rashes Around Eyes

The pictures below may help you to identify your skin rash type.

However, if the disorder gets worse, you have no choice but to call the doctor. You will get some instructions that are based on the diagnosis. If it is the early symptoms, you will be a little lucky. At least, you can prevent the risk of transmission. However, remain vigilant with rash around eyes.

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