Skin Rash

Causes, Types and Treatments of Skin Rashes

Rash on Hands: How to Treat it?

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Skin rash is a change of skin which affects its color become red, appearance that looks like many dots, and texture that is rough. Rash can happen everywhere, either rash on legs, rash on face, rash on hands and many more. Rash has many causes, either from family tree, allergy to certain condition or foods or drugs. Sickness can make your skin rashes. There are some positive causes which have above 80 percent that your skin will rash, it is mostly caused by fungi (ringworm) or worm (hookworm). Those two are arguably the hardest rashes that can be cured, and those two occasionally happen in hands. This article will help you how to deal with rash on hands.

Rash on Hands Causes

handfootmouthRash on hands treatments is not that hard since it is very visible. First you should know how what makes your skin irritate, either from foods, drugs, or conditions. It is very easy to treat skin rash on hands if you already know what makes your skin irritates. First of all, avoid using or approaching anything that irritates your skin. Second, use some steroid topical creams if your skin already rashes. Last but not least having a healthy lifestyle can also affect this. So you should do all of them if you want to cure your skin rash.

Treatments for Rash on Hands

For the symptoms, rash on hands have burning sensation and are very itch. It is not recommended if you try to scratch it, as it will make tear your skin and sometimes will bleed, and the worst part is it will be far more infectious than before, which is one step more dangerous. Actually the type of rash will affect its symptoms itself, for example if the skin rashes are caused by fungal infection, the symptom is itchy along the sides of fingers, and many more depend on the types.

If those symptoms still happen, you should have your doctor check your body. Maybe, you have allergies towards foods and drugs, foods and conditions, etc. through seeing your doctor, at least you can find yourself what should you do to reduce skin rash symptoms.

Rash on Hands Pictures

All in all, having a healthy lifestyle is the best choice for organic individual. Because having a healthy lifestyle will boost your immune system and prevent many virus and bacteria that can affect your antibody, also having a positive thought also help a lot.

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