Skin Rash

Causes, Types and Treatments of Skin Rashes

Rash Under Armpit: Beware of the Symptoms

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Rash under armpit is considered to be one of the most annoying things that happen to the skin. When it comes to inflammation or infection in the skin, the first thing that first pops in mind might be something related to such cleanliness. If someone lives in a dirty or less hygiene environment, the possibility to have such skin diseases would increase. It is because bacteria tend to love such humid and dirty places in order to be able to develop.

Rash Under Armpit Causes

As a matter of fact, if you look up out there, you will be surprised that there are various kinds of armpit rash which can be found. Meanwhile, all these armpit rashes may have a variety of causes. First, if you usually tend to like to shave under your arms, you need to be more careful when shaving since it can be one reason which can cause such irritation and inflammation to your armpit. Secondly, rash under the armpit is often caused by the use of deodorants or detergents and may lead to a condition of armpit irritation.

rash under armpitOf course, this condition would be very annoying because it can completely disturb your daily activities. Rash under armpit will quickly reduce your self-confidence because you are no longer be able to wear tank top or spaghetti straps gown. That would be very embarrassing to go out once you are suffered from any armpit rashes.

Treatments for Rash Under Armpit

red skin rash under armpitSince suffering from rash under armpit is likely to be such a bad and annoying thing, you will need to pay more attention to some rash under armpit causes. However, if you have already been infected by these rashes, you do not need to worry because there are several rash under armpit treatments that can be tried to. For instance, you can simply apply a natural treatment called alum. All you need to do is to rub the alum in the infected area twice a day.

skin-rash-under-armpit-picturesAnother thing to do is to stop shaving your armpit and giving it such anti rash lotion in order to reduce its inflammation. You can do this thing until the rash in your armpit is getting better and it is not being swelled. The spots of rashes can be scaly, bumpy or flaky. Once you follow all those instructions above, you will be able to avoid bad conditions of rash under armpit.

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